Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Belts

Matthew and Lucas~~Blue Belts
Back in January, we set goals as a family.  One of Matthew and Lucas's goals was to earn two belts this year in karate.  They earned their orange belt in February....good goal, because they were already close to earning it.  Then, by the skin of their teeth, they earned their blue belt in December.

Matthew and Lucas testing
Lucas and Matthew testing
         They had to perform their katas, and also define and pronounce words in Japanese.  Honestly, I felt pretty proud of them {us} because for weeks leading up to this, we practiced those words a lot!  They were so nervous, and Lucas didn't think he would pass.  Let's be honest, practicing his words and katas at home didn't happen as frequently as Matthew's did.  No wonder he was nervous!  But, they passed, and now we have two blue belts.  
I think they're bored of answering questions!
Sensei tying on Matthew's blue belt
Lucas and Matthew practicing their kata.

Sensei removing Lucas's orange belt

Sensei presenting Lucas his blue belt.  They both look so proud!

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