Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination, aka "DI" is an after school enrichment program.  Matthew and Lucas were old enough to join a team this year, and they were super excited to do so.  Basically, they got together with three other boys, around their same age, after school once a week.  Together, they had to choose from a list of challenges that their team could create a solution to and present to a group of judges.  

The challenge they decided on was one where they had to build a toy, devise a way to "ship" it to the customers, and come back to the "warehouse" to assemble more.  The name of their team was the "Toy Building Crew", name decided on by the team itself.  EVERYTHING they came up with had to be decided on by the team.   Their coach could provide them directions, but the kids had to make the decisions and come up with the ideas on their own.  Not easy when your team has too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  

Well, they came up with the idea of building a ping pong ball launcher and a balloon catcher.  The ping pong ball launchers were made of PVC pipe, rubber bands, and of course ping pong balls.  The balloon catcher was assembled with a plastic cup, yarn, bobby pins, and a balloon.  To transport their "parts" from the assembly station to the customers, they used a bike with a small trailer attached to it.  

After many weeks of practice, we traveled to Marion, OH, for the district tournament in March.  Granted, they didn't place, but it was a great experience overall.  At the tournament, they had "order" cards, and they had to fill as many "orders" of toys as possible in about seven minutes.  The Toy Building Crew did an excellent job!  

The boys are excited for DI again, and say they want to do it next year.  I hope they do so.  I think they really enjoyed it.  

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