Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing Princess

Playing "princess" is all Natalie wants to do as of late.  Literally, she rolls out of bed {if it's a Saturday} and turns into Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Tinkerbell.  But it doesn't stop there.....she adds a tiara, a sparkly necklace, another tutu, and of course some shoes.  Sometimes the boa even makes it around her neck.  This little girl is too much sometimes!  

It's so sweet to see her floating around the house in her princess attire.  In fact, it seems like I look at her late on Saturday afternoons, and just realize then that she is still in her pjs!  I mean, why bother and put clothes on if you're just going to put a princess dress on over them!  If it's not a Saturday, she's in her room right after we get home from the sitter to get herself all "princessfied".  

Someday, she'll be out of this phase, so for right now I am thoroughly enjoying it.  

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