Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Spring

These last two weeks have been pretty good, weather wise. Last week, we were outside a lot. The boys are doing very well with riding their scooters, and Matthew has figured out how to get up enough speed so he glides for a small bit with both feet on it. They have been playing outside with their neighborhood "girl" friends. Halle and Maddie are out a lot, so the boys always want to play with them when they see them. They are quite the little social butterflies. Last weekend, my sisters, my mom, and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert. Since I love American Idol, I was very excited to see her in concert. It was a great show..speaking of shows, we bought tickets last night to take the boys to see "Go, Diego Go!" live on stage. I hope it will be great. It is coming to the Palace Theatre in Columbus. We have been going down to the "pond" a lot to see if there are any ducks.

School has been rather routine. Nothing too exciting there. The boys continue to learn about picking and choosing friends. A conversation I had with Lucas about going back to school after spring break went something like this:

Me: "Lucas, your friends are going to be so excited to see you after being on break. Are you excited to see them?"

Lucas: "Well, mommy, we only have two friends...Shawn and Paul."

Me: "What about Jacob? Isn't he your friend?"

Lucas: "No, he's mean to me. Like when I was napkin helper, I was passing out the napkin and he just yanked it out of my hand. So when he was napking helper, I yanked it out of his hand."

Me: "Well, you should be nice to everyone."

Lucas: "When he makes me mad, I call him 'Jakey'.

Me: "Why do you call him 'Jakey'?

Lucas: "Because it makes him mad."

Pretty much the end of that conversation! I was of course laughing inside because Lucas has figured out what makes this kid upset, and therefore is creating preschool drama.

This last weekend we accomplished a feat I had been wanting for awhile. Since we have moved back to Marysville, we haven't been able to use the beautiful, wooden dining room set my parents gave us for our wedding. It has been in the basement, and then in the spare bedroom. It's main purpose has been to wrap presents on or collect junk. At any rate, I talked Derrick into humoring me and trying to put it in the kitchen, as I was upset that he was going to take it and store it in the basement until we have a bigger house. Well, it worked and I am very excited! We also took the boys to Toys R Us on Saturday to spend some birthday money. They thought that was very cool....we never take them to the toy store and let them pick just about anything they want. They each decided on a Star Wars Jedi fighter ship thing. No batteries, no pieces to lose...we were happy! Friday night we went to the Bickel's for a bonfire and to hang out, and Sunday was church.

This week the boys have Donuts with Dad on Wednesday night. They sing a song, have donuts, and then come home. Should be fun!

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