Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, where do I start. Let's start with how beautiful the weather has been, yet my boys still want to stay inside and play Star Wars. We have reserved that activity for rainy days only. So after being told NO (again) that he couldn't play Star Wars on PS2, Lucas says, "If there is a wishing star out tonight, I am going to wish for rain so we can play PS2." O.k. whatever it takes is what I think.

So last week I am leaving to go exercise, and Derrick asks me to take his car and drive it through the car wash at the Honda dealership when I am finished. Sure, no problem. So, I go and excercise and then head to the car wash. I pull up to the garage door of the car wash, and slide our carwashing card and select my wash. The door opens and I pull in. Well, inside the car wash is a stop light that is green until you go over this little sensor and it turns red-this signals you are in the right place for the car wash to begin. As I pull in, the light is green, and as I go over the little hump that is the sensor, the green turns off but the red doesn't turn on. At this point, the door behind me has closed, and the one at the exit is still open. I proceed to back up and pull forward little by little, hoping to catch the sensor. It doesn't happen. Next, the sign saying, "Please exit slowly" as well as the huge vacuum dryers turn on. Mind you, I haven't even had my car washed yet, and it is telling me to exit. Thinking I was at the end of the person's cycle before me, I wait for a few seconds and let the dryers turn off. They turned off, and the front door closes, and I am STUCK in the car wash! Of course, I sit for a few more minutes, thinking it will turn on. After that, and before I start hyperventilating because I think I am going to be stuck in there for a while, I call Derrick and he gives me the number for Honda. From my cell phone in their car wash, I call the dealership and say,
"Hi. I'm stuck in your carwash."
"O.k. I will send someone out soon."

Minutes later, this large man from the service center comes out and asks me if I want him to let me out. ABSOLUTELY! Then, he offers to let me try it again. Of course, being the good wife I am, I do. It works, I make it safely home.

This week, my mess was pies in the face. Yes, that's right. We had a walk a thon to raise money for our athletic program. The students who raised 100 dollars were allowed to choose a teacher to pie in the face. I had volunteered for this adventure, thinking I wouldn't have many pies. Once it reached the turns for the upper graders, I got about eight. I was a sticky, sour milk smelling, whip cream mess. It was fun, and the kids loved it.

So, those are messes I've been in this week. Have a good week!

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Sarah said...

I'd have had a panic attack. I would have clawed my way through the front door, forsaking the car and, quite possibly, the children, for freedom of light. I commend your quick thinking calm manner. :-)