Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well, things have been going very well around here. We are all FINALLY getting back to feeling normal. We had a great Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday, I went to my mom's for our monthly ladies tea. Every month, my mom, grandma, aunts, sisters, and cousins get together and have tea on a Saturday morning. We talked a lot about my Grandma's 80th birthday party we had hosted for her the weekend before. My grandma is one of the most giving, humble people I know. She loved having a party, though, because it got our whole family together, as well as a lot of people she hadn't seen in years. We went to my sister's after dinner on Saturday night for cake and to watch a video my mom and aunts had worked on of people talking to my grandma about what they love about her. Sunday after church was the open house. So, after the tea, my mom and sisters and I went to Doc Henderson's for lunch. Doc Henderson's is a local restaurant. It is in a huge historical house in Marysville. It has been a bed and breakfast in the past, and many years ago it was a brothel. Now it is an upscale restaurant. Sunday we had Derrick's family over for lunch. The boys had made our mom's a picture frame that had a nice, wide mat, on which they wrote their names and I stamped "We Love Grandma". Of course, the grandma's loved it.

This weekend was also great. We took the boys to see Go! Diego Go! live at the Palace Theatre in Columbus. We were a bit nervous, as our experience with dark rooms, closed doors, and stage shows at Disney World was not a great memory. However, they did great! They sat so nicely and watched the show. They even participated. We stopped at Wendy's for lunch on the way home, and then we relaxed and watched a Star Wars movie in the afternoon. Around late afternoon, Derrick sent me to the greenhouse to get our flowers to plant for the summer. Five flats (32 plants/flat) and six perennials later, we were done planting. Our beds look so nice! Today after church, my grandma treated the boys and I and my parents to Bob Evans. Derrick was in Columbus at Atonement Lutheran for their confirmation. I think he is relieved. Last weekend was our Living Truth confirmation...a very exciting event for our little church. Now, he's done for awhile, and we have VBS to look forward to. This week will be eventful. The last day of school for the boys is Wednesday, and Thursday is their Preschool graduation! Then, they will officially be Kindergartners! I can't believe it! That is all from here. Only 15 1/2 days of school left for me...yeah!!!!!

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Sarah said...

You still going to plant tomatoes for your walkway? Love the "tea" idea with the ladies, that's something to cherish. Hope the last weeks of school are a blessing.