Monday, December 14, 2009

This past week was busy but so much fun. Thursday night Matthew and Lucas had their Christmas performance at school, "Happy, Happy Holiday." Being our first year in a public school, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the performance went and the message it was going to convey. However, it was fantastic! They sang some fun, jazzy Christmas songs. Granted, they were mostly about reindeer and fruitcake, even "Feliz Navidad" made it into the mix. But, it was so cute! The kids had learned some very sweet choreography, and were dressed to the nines. It was also only 40 minutes long, which was very nice. Matthew and Lucas were so good at remembering their moves and lyrics. Matthew had even volunteered to be a dancer in "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas." Derrick starts singing that song every year..usually right after Halloween when he is getting into the Christmas spirit. Matthew was SO proud of himself, and kept looking at Derrick while he was dancing to make sure he had Daddy's full attention.
A few weeks ago, I was asking them about their performance and what it was going to be like. Matthew said that I would be so proud of them that I would cry and buy them a toy...well, I definitely had tears of pride and good thing Christmas is coming because that takes care of the toy part!

Friday was supposed to be the circuit pastor's Christmas party..but it was cancelled. Since we didn't want to take away a babysitting opportunity from my parents, they came over anyway so we could go on a date. It was fabulous! I didn't think Ruby Tuesday, Giant Eagle, Sam's Club, and Target could be so much fun. We finished our shopping for the most part..and I am learning to be VERY selective of the toys we buy for the it something that I won't mind picking up, tripping over, or having in my house?

Saturday was getting ready for the baptism. Natalie was baptized on Sunday, and Saturday meant rolling meat and arranging cheeses on trays for the lunch we were providing afterward. Let's say that I don't mind a deli meat sandwich, but I know now why I don't make trays for a living...yuck! Sunday we had her baptism. Church was full..for us that's like 50 people. Our neighbors, who are non church goers, actually came. I was so thankful they came. Pastor Brian and Sarah Larson and Derrick's brother Daniel are Natalie's sponsors. She handled the baptizing crying! It was so cool again to see Derrick baptize our kids. Afterward we had a luncheon at church, then home to relax and get ready for the week ahead. Only 4 more days until Christmas break starts!

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