Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Here in our house, we are getting more and more ready for Christmas. We put the trees up two weeks ago. As I mentioned, the one in the boys' room is interesting...and actually still standing! We received Natalie's stocking in the mail last week, so hanging that made a nice addition to our decorations. Matthew and Lucas got their Advent calendars from Grandma Patty last week. She buys them the big, "official" ones from World Market, and this year they got a playmobil one, too. That ended up in fights, as to who got what toy and who got to open the flap each day. So, we finally gave in and just opened the whole thing and added it to the playmobil collection. Tomorrow is their Christmas performance at school. They are under strict instructions to get "decked out"..good thing they each have one dressy outfit...since we wear jeans to church most of the time, their dress clothes collection has drastically fizzled in the last few years. They actually got dress shoes that I ordered from Kohl's in the mail yesterday...right on time for their performance and they fit! Guess that means they have to quit wearing their crocs to church and every other function that requires their khakis. Our Christmas plans are getting more and more finalized...where we are going and when. The only thing left is stocking stuffers and getting them to see Santa. Of course, Natalie is growing so quickly! She's going to be 7 weeks on Friday. She's having some seriously fussy crying and holding her we are thinking acid reflux. She's starting a prescription tomorrow...hopefully that will make things better. Today I found out that as of next Monday I will be considered "full time" at work. Up until now I was being paid at the tutoring hourly rate for 3 hours and then a sub rate for 3 hours. This was because the lady who was there before me was on disability and was unsure if she was returning after the first of the year. She resigned as of today, so that moves me to full time pay and insurance. Yeah! This past weekend was Derrick's installation at Atonement Lutheran in Columbus. He's now the pastor of missions/outreach down there. Not much at Living Truth changes...he still pastors here, but Atonement has adopted our church plant and will be supporting it in so many awesome ways. His friend, Matt Hoffman (Oswald's grandson) preached a fabulous message at his installation. Next Sunday, the 13th, is Natalie's baptism. I am excited because I invited our neighbors, who don't go to church, for the service. She said they are coming! I really hope so!

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