Friday, January 16, 2009

It's too Cold!!!!!

So, our week was great...lots of cancellations and delays because IT IS TOO COLD! Sometimes I think we are babies here in Central Ohio. Had we lived in Michigan, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc., the kids would be bundled up as much as possible and sent out the door for school. Oh well. Here is how it went.

Sunday night, I returned from Dallas after being at our PLI wives retreat. It was in the 70s when I arrived there, and got "cold" (the 50s) over the weekend. Still, I didn't have to wear a coat, which was AWESOME! Anyway, my flight there and home was nonstop and I arrived home to snow on Sunday night. There was quite a bit of snow on the runway, therefore I had to sit in the plane while we waited for a tow to come and push the plane to the gate. An hour later, I was finally able to get off the plane. All the way home, I prayed for a delay on Monday morning. No such luck.

Monday, I faithfully checked the news to see that we were in fact running on schedule. Off I went in a sleepy stupor to school. I can't even remember the fine details of the day because I was so tired! Tuesday, we did have a delay, but it wasn't called until I had already showered and dressed, so I went ahead off to school. Wednesday was a tad more exciting. The snow started coming! As we were leaving chapel on Wednesday, it was really snowing, and of course the kids thought we were going to have an early release. Derrick called off church Wednesday night, and sure enough, around 1:00, we were sending the kids home from school. I got the boys from latchkey, and we were out of there! As we were driving home, Lucas, in his wisdom says, "Mommy, this is the PERFECT PS2 day!" Well, yeah, I guess. They are only allowed to play on the weekend, and snow days, so he was right on that one. They settled down to play Start Wars, while I was grading papers. Not even 1/4 through my stack, I nodded off, and slept until about 5. I was SO tired!

Thursday and Friday school was cancelled due to it being too cold for school and the bus stops. I'm so thankful, so I can then stay home with the boys on these days. They are too funny! They play so nicely together, and they enjoy the free reign of the toy room. Yesterday, around lunch time, I decided to make quesadillas. As I was asking them what they wanted to drink, Matthew says, "Mommy, I 'fink' I'm not hungry." So, I thought that was really weird. He was pale, hadn't eaten since breakfast, and had some serious dark circles under his eyes. Sure enough, about an hour later, we were in the bathroom, throwing up. Oh well. He was fine after that, but laid around the rest of the day. He is SO active, that to see him laying on the couch trying to play but not being able to, I know something is wrong. Today, he is fine, and they are running around saving the world like Batman. Such imaginations. It sounds like a battleground in here. Much "storm troopers, rebel troopers," running and lots of exploding noises being made with their mouths. Such boys!

There has been much birthday talk in our house, as we are beginning to plan their 6th birthday party. They want a Transformers birthday, so it is in the works. I'm thinking a pizza buffet for dinner and of course cake.

Love the long weekend coming up! That means by Tuesday, we will have been out of school for a nice, 5 day break, thanks to the weather!

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Laura said...

You are in PLI? How do you like it? Nate and I are doing it this year. We'll be in the class of 2009 and will be in Austin in April. Will you guys be there?