Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

Back in the swing of things...that is how I thought our week would be with getting back to school last week. However, as I sit here and reflect on it, that wasn't totally the case. Sunday, around midnight, Lucas came in to wake Derrick. He wanted to tell daddy that he couldn't sleep. In his sleepy stupor, Derrick gently offered to take Lucas back to bed and hopefullly get him back to sleep. They get to the hallway, about five steps, and Lucas belches. He then proceeds to remind us what he had for dinner off and on until about 4:30 am. Yes, that is how our "Back to School Week" started. Why he couldn't be sick over break so we didn't have to keep him home from school or have Derrick take a day off, is beyond me. Oh well. Such is life. So, Derrick puts on his "Doctor Dad" hat and proceeds to stay home with Lucas on Monday. We are so blessed to have some flexibility in Derrick's schedule. Let me just say that while he was on one of his trips to the bathroom Sunday night...I think aroud 2 am, Lucas came to the conclusion that "This is so much better when Daddy helps me." Derrick was unable to hear the comment, as he had graciously (?) offered to sleep on the couch so I could sleep in bed since I had school in the morning...with Lucas right next to me all night.

Lucas and Derrick spent Monday home, with Lucas very concerned about Matthew bringing home the work and crafts that Lucas was complaining he was missing. What a good little student! When I arrived in the door with Matthew, Lucas perked up right can't say these two don't have a connection! We continued to nurse Lucas, and Tuesday he returned to school. O.k. So far so good.

We took it easy the rest of the week, and Thursday night there was much anxiousness and excitement in our house. The boys got to stay the night at Derrick's mom's since he was taking me to the airport for the PLI Wives Retreat I was going to in Dallas. With two two-hour delays this week because of weather, the need to get ready for a sub on Friday, as well as pack my own things, I was feeling a little stressed Thursday. I thought that putting in a roast would be good, since I could turn on the crock pot and let it be all day. Great idea...until dinner when Lucas, who was so craving meat and potatoes after being sick started eating...and eating...and eating. We left to go to Patty and Keith's, thinking everything was great. On our way to the airport Friday morning, Patty calls to tell us Lucas had gotten sick in the night again, this time "like a fountain." Oh heavens! He dropped me off, and scooted home to be around in case he had to pick Lucas up early. Low and behold, he did. Lucas had some slight meltdowns at school, as whenever something didn't go his way, he cried about it. Derrick came to pick him up, and his day was cut short of work again to be Doctor Dad, but this weekend he was also wearing the Mister Mom hat, as well.

Needless to say, Lucas is much better. My PLI event was wonderful, and unfortunately too short. I came back from sun and 50s to snow and 20s. Oh well. My flight was thankfully smooth and on time both going and coming home. However, we landed at 8:55 pm last night, and didn't make it to the gate until close to ten...we had to wait for a tow to come get the plane and push it to the gate. Let's just say, I could have walked faster than the tow seemed to be taking us. My hope and prayers for a weather delay didn't happen today, so I managed to get to school in a sleepy stupor to start my week. Which, by the way, started just fine. Tired, but fine.

Derrick is out with Justin tonight, it is snack time and then bedtime for the kiddos. Then, it is grading and Jon and Kate Plus 8 for me.

Good night, and I hope everyone reading this started their week well.


Lindsey said...

Mornin' Lee!
That was a REALLY good blog!
I hope Aunt Lindsey wasn't the one who made Lucas sick! :(
Glad you made it back safely and everyone is feeling better.
Love you!

Robyn, Doug said...

It sounds like you had a busy week. I am suprised that Matthew didn't get sick too. With my twins when one goes the other one almost always goes within 12 hours. It is a very good thing that our husbands have such flexible schedules, I don't know what I would do if he was 9-5 every day!!! Blessings to you all and I hope next week goes better.