Thursday, January 1, 2009

So, Christmas is over for us. Here is a run down of our Christmas extravaganza:

Saturday, December 20th: To my sister Kristin's and her husband Joey's condo for the Carfrey Christmas. We had brunch, opened presents, and played the Wii. Joey and Kristin gave the boys a Jeep game, as well as a steering wheel. Lindsey and I played a competitive game of tennis. I was thoroughly excited about my Multiple Blessings book by Kate Gosselin, who is on my favorite show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight! Afterwards, to my grandma Carfrey's in Grove City. Here we had a ham and other yummies. We did our traditional ornament exchange, as we are all grown up now and don't buy for each other anymore. My cousins Erin and Patrick and my Aunt Deb were there as well as my parents and sisters.

Sunday-day off

Monday, December 22: I headed out for a ladies night at my Aunt Nancy's house. Here we get together with all the cousins and thier wives for a game of dice, some food, and a gift exchange. Great fun, love seeing cousins (or my mom's cousins) that I don't see very often.

Tuesday-day off

Wednesday, December 24th: We set out around noon for Derrick's grandparents' house. His parents and siblings were there, as well. Yummy German lunch, rouladden (I think that's what it is. It is beef rolled up around a pickle), gravy, potatoes, etc. We opened presents, the boys added to their legoes collection. We played euchre and spent good time together. We all headed to church at Living Truth for the Carols and Scripture service. Got home, sprinkled reindeer food in the lawn, set out cookies for Santa, and went to bed.

Thursday, December 25th: Merry Christmas! Matthew was up at 6:30, and we did the best we could to hold him off until Lucas made an appearance about 45 mins. later. Derrick had cinnamon rolls going, and was happy to begin his 12 Days of Christmas poems he wrote for my gifts. No traditional opening for me this year. It was a short poem and clue to lead me to the next gift. He had quite the time with this....I got a digital camera, a computer, a journey necklace, a Wii fit, a Wii dance mat, and some clothes and things. The boys were all about their Jedi Math game for their Leapsters, Super Smash Brothers for the Wii, and not so into the clothes. Every time they opened clothes, they said, "But I didn't ask for clothes." Oh well. Then, around noon it was off to my grandma Mae's for the rest of the day. Yummy lunch of coke ham, pork roast, noodles, etc. This year while the little ones played with new toys, we grown ups had a horse race. We all brought toy horses, my mom and aunts laid out a race track, and by the rolls of dice we moved along. I came out the top winner. Yeah!

Friday, December 26th: Christmas at the Hursts. We were there from 10am-10 pm. This year, we played BINGO to open presents. When a number was called that was on your card, you retrieved it from under the tree and gave it to the person it was intended for. My mother-in-law numbers packages instead of labeling. Anyway, once you got "BINGO", or in this case it spelled "JESUS", you could open your stocking. It was quite the process, with breaks to eat, the boys to play, etc. They were particulary excited about their light up, create your own light sabers. Derrick and I were happy with clothes and other things we needed. Then, we all played some Wii games, as his parents made that their household gift this year.

And then it was all done. We were home to put things away, and started that on Saturday. We got much done, despite the sore throat I had coming on. As it turned out, I had a virus that was affecting my throat, and Derrick ended up taking me to the ER (cheaper than urgent care with our insurance), so they could put me on an antibiotic. I spend the rest of Sunday so out of it, that I didn't even notice him haul the desk and new computer upstairs and get it set up. Thank goodness for Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith who came to take the boys to church so he could go in with me. He had taken that Sunday off, as we had planned to travel. Good thing we didn't!

So, that's that. We have been hanging around home, playing the Wii, getting fit on the Wii fit, and dreading the return of school. I hope you all had a great Christmas!


Sarah said...

I can just see it, "But I didn't ask for clothes!". Too funny. Sounds like you've had an eventful couple weeks off. Good to see some photos from your end, thanks! Take care~

Lindsey said...

Very nice!
Our blogs are practically the exact same! Ha! I like your'll have to show me how you did that. Love you.