Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Cute Story About Lucas

On Thursday, we had our parent teacher conferences for the boys. Miss Fisher does an excellent job of keeping them separate during our time with her, and she also does well with not comparing them. Anyway, when we were talking about Lucas, she shared with us that he had a small breakdown that day in school. While they were reading "The Magic Treehouse" on the carpet, most of the kids were talking and being squirmy. So, Miss Fisher quietly (without warning) closed the book and told them she wasn't going to read anymore because they weren't listening. Lucas was listening...she took them to get a drink and go to the bathroom, then sent them to their seats for some writing time. While at his seat, Lucas put his hands over his face and started crying. She asked him why, and it was because he was irritated that everyone was talking and caused her to stop reading. He was so into the story...and he is SO respectful and loves Miss Fisher....that he was very upset she stopped. So, she told the class that Lucas wanted to hear the rest of the story, and if they behaved they could earn it back in a little while. They must have listened, because they did earn it back. Sweet Lucas can be so sensitive sometimes!

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