Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Seventh Birthday

Well, it's official. The boys are seven. They had a whole weekend of partying to prove it, too. Friday night we had the Hurst side of the family over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. They were WOUND up tight, and after they finally settled down, it was a fun evening. They got Hot Wheels motorcyles and Transformers from Grandma and Grandpa, Atlanis LEGOS from Devon and Christopher, and PJs from Omi and Opa. I made them individual loaf cakes and created an M and L out of LEGOs to decorate the top.
Saturday, we cleaned up from Friday's party to prepare for their friend party at 1:30. I wasn't sure an hour and a half would be long enough for a friend party, but it was perfect. David Metzger, Colin Johnson, Derek Johnson, and Kyle Daley came over to celebrate. The boys were allowed to choose two friends, and they picked good ones. I let them play for awhile when they got here, then it was on to the first game. I had baggies with random LEGOS in them and the boys had to build something in seven minutes, using all their pieces. They turned out really cute. Then we played "pin the circle on the LEGO brick" and they had more free time to play. Finally, we did cake and ice cream and Matthew and Lucas opened their presents. Sunday was their Carfrey family party. We went to church at Atonement, then everyone came over around 3 for potato soup, cake, and ice cream. They got LEGO store gift cards and a promised shopping trip from Joey and Kristin, Crayola Glow Boards from Lindsey, money from Great Ma, and money, LEGOS, and books from Grandma and Grandpa. This party was more calm, as the boys don't get quite as wound up for my family as they do for Derrick's. Monday was their real birthday. We had a fun day planned, but the snow and Lucas not feeling well kind of postponed it. We did make it to Target to get pictures taken. Then, we were going to go to Toys R Us, Barnes and Noble, and out to lunch. Instead I took Lucas to the pediatrician and they found out he has strep. Good thing I took him. Monday night we got texts/calls that both Alder and Marysville were cancelled for Tuesday. I guess that was a great end to their birthday...a snow day!

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