Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

This week has been totally off our routine. Monday I had a two hour delay that turned into a cancellation, while the boys had a two hour delay. Natalie and I ventured out after dropping them off at school to get much needed birthday party supplies. Tuesday and Wednesday both Marysville and JA had snow days. It has been blowing and drifting in central Ohio, so many schools and other activities have been cancelled. That meant no Scouts and karate for the boys and no Wednesday night church for Derrick. Today, Thursday, I had another cancellation and they had a two hour delay. I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home with Natalie everyday this week, and Derrick is thoroughly enjoying getting to work completely uninterrupted. Natalie is growing so quickly. She is reaching out and grabbing things, partially rolling over, cooing and talking ALL the time, and has started eating pears with her cereal for her evening feedings.

To keep them entertained, the boys have played out in the snow a lot this week. We got out the craft box yesterday, and of course video games. The picture above shows how I found them yesterday afternoon...playing their DS games snuggled in Matthew's bed under the new comforters we got them for their birthday. The blessing in all these cancellations this week has been that I am able to get ready for their birthday parties this weekend. They are so excited about their big day!

They also celebrated the 100th day of school this week. Luckily they had school on that day. They did a hundred day snack, made crowns, and had cool 100 Day glasses. My next post will be the birthday update. Until then, everyone stay warm!

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