Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Seven Year Old-Matthew

Well, in about three hours Matthew will be seven. He's the oldest, and definitely shows "oldest child" personality traits. He is quite the leader, and almost always expects Lucas to follow. However, when it comes to doing something new, he's not always the first one to jump in. He sort of stands back, and isn't a huge risk taker. He doesn't like to try new things, and is skittish sometimes. He is my little buddy...always has had sort of a special bond with me. When he was a baby, he was my sleeping buddy. We'd nap together all the time with him sleeping on me. He's sensitive, and takes things semi-personally. He is very routine oriented, and likes his toys and other things in a particular place. He likes to know what is next on the schedule. He's very good at Math, and is learning so much in first grade. He's getting SO good at his reading, too. He's lost three teeth. He loves to play outside and is always on the go. He warms my heart, and I love him so much! Here are some facts about Matthew:
Favorite color: Red and blue
When he grows up: He wants to be a police officer
Favorite Bible story: Jesus dying on the cross
Favorite movie: Star Wars the Clone Wars
Favorite toy: Star Wars LEGOS
Best friend: David
His smile is so sweet, and he's my little man! I love you, Matthew!

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