Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

Our night started with a little bit of a costume crisis.  You know those ink tags on costumes that they're supposed to remove?  Well, they didn't remove the one on Lucas's.  So, I tried to take it off..but then I looked like a Smurf because my hand had royal blue ink all over it.  However, our night wasn't completely ruined.  Halloween this year was SO MUCH FUN!  Natalie was SOOO into trick or treating, the boys cooperated and used their manners, and it was a super nice night outside.  I actually think that this is the first time I took my children out trick or treating for a good amount of time.  Usually, they want to go with grandma and grandpa, or Auntie Darragh.  But, they were stuck with me.
  I left my parents at home to hand out the candy, and off we went.  It only took about two houses for Natalie to catch on.  I was so thankful the boys used their manners at every house, they watched out for Natalie, and they stayed with me the whole time.  It was so funny every time I asked them to pose for a picture, Matthew got this serious look on his face.  He claimed he wanted to stay in character...and be a serious SWAT team guy.  Whatever.

As soon as we'd walk up to a driveway, Natalie would scramble out of her stroller, grab her bag, and run up the drive saying, "hurry, hurry".  Then, she'd help her herself to the candy, or allow the neighbor to put it in her bag, whatever the routine was.  Then, it was back in the stroller and on to the next house.  Meanwhile, my parents were at our house handing out candy, eating potato soup, and ham sandwiches.  Derrick's parents, sister, and her boyfriend came over, too.  They were there when we got back-we were out for about an hour and a half.  It was such fun!

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