Monday, November 14, 2011

Natalie's Second Birthday

Natalie's second birthday was so much fun this year.  We had a pink and green ladybug theme-mainly because I had worked hard on her "Happy Birthday Natalie" banner last year-in pink and green-and I really wanted to use it again.  So, we went with pink and green ladybugs.  So cute!
My sister, Kristin, and I decided to tackle cake pops.  Let's just say, it was an adventure.  I might be brave enough to try again by applying the lessons I learned...but we'll see.  Kristin totally saved the day with running to Michael's and getting a ladybug mold, baking, and decorating the cake RIGHT before the party!  Yay for Auntie K!

We had our whole family over, and it was a ton of fun.  The gift rundown:

Grandma Connie and Papa Ron-Brown boots, Dress up Minnie Mouse set
Grandma Patty and Grandpa Keith-Shopping cart
Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Ben-My Little Pony, pink/green polka dot outfit
Aunt Kristin and Uncle Joey-Disney Princes  Castle Playbook
Brian and Sarah-GRACO baby stroller, sweaters
Great Grandma Mae-stuffed pony, money

Great Grandpa Jim and Joyce-$25 to KMart
Aunt Devon and Uncle Chris-My Little Pony, Books, Unicorn shirt
Uncle Darin and Sarah-VTech "Chase Me" Kitty
Uncle Daniel-Mickey Sing a Ma Jig
Mommy and Daddy-clothes, baby doll (aka Baby Alice)
Chelsey, Mae, and Charlie-Sleeping Beauty Dress up dress
Sara, Nick, and Jacob-Cupcake bag, books, bath paints

It was quite the fun time.  I love it when both sides of our family can get together and have fun together.  We had potato soup, chicken chili, and regular chili.  Also, some bread, cheese and crackers, cake, and ice cream.

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