Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter was beautiful!  Sunny, a bit windy, but fairly warm.  We started the day with church.  We had quite a few people in church, and it was really nice.  We concluded our service with a balloon launch.  Which was super fun, and fast, because it was so windy.

After church, we walked home and gave the kids their Easter baskets.  We don't do huge Easter baskets, just a few fun things and no candy.  I had picked up some silver buckets in the Target dollar spot a few months ago, and decided they would be perfect for Easter loot.
 Some quick cuts with my Cricut to make a few labels and stickers, and we were set.  The kids were excited, and content with what they got in their baskets.
After this, we headed out to Aunt Nancy's house for lunch and the traditional egg hunt.  After we ate, the kids headed outside for the egg hunt.  I have fond memories of lining up with my cousins at the "start" line, and at the word "go", making a mad dash for the eggs.

Well, now it's Matthew, Lucas, Natalie's turn, along with their cousins Charlie and Mabry.  I love how cute they all look in their Easter best.  I tried to talk Lucas into staying in his shirt and tie, but no such luck.  Oh well!

When the hunt was over, they headed inside to start looking through their eggs.  They were excited about small candies, and of course the coins.  Then, my mom had this "game" where each kid had to stand up and teach the family about something, and in turn get to pick a prize.
 Matthew taught the group facts about black widow spiders {his recent research topic in school}, Lucas counted to 10 in Japanese, and Natalie sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, and taught them her princess wave.  In turn, they chose from a selection of kites that my mom had picked up.

Kristin and Joey gave the boys silly string guns {our mailbox was the first victim}, and Natalie a princess dress up kit.  It was even complete with plastic dress up heels, which she is constantly clomping around the house in.  So cute!

 But our day wasn't over.  We headed to the Hurst's for an early supper and more eggs.  From there, the kids played with some of their new Easter loot and gorged themselves on more candy.  We relaxed, talked and visited with each other, and headed home.  We arrived home with three tired, over stuffed, candy laden children.  Such fun!  It was a great, gorgeous day to celebrate Christ and his resurrection!

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