Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daniel and Tiffany's Wedding {February 25, 2012}

Daniel and Tiffany started out our year with what I will call, "The Year of Weddings".  We have three weddings this year, and all three of them involve our siblings.  By the end of 2012, only Darragh, Derrick's youngest sister {who's 17}, will be the only one not married!

Daniel and Tiffany were married at a winery in Gallipolis.  It was a small wedding, with just the immediate sides of the families there.  The kids and I made the trip down with Darin, Sarah, and Devon.  It was quite the car ride!

It was a small, sweet wedding, completely catered to Daniel and Tiffany's personalities.  A buffet of comfort foods, country music, and bridesmaids in cowboy boots.  Just exactly what they wanted!

Grandpa Keith, Natalie, Grandma Patty, Matthew, and Lucas
Auntie Devon and Natalie-she was attached to Auntie Devon all night.
Natalie and Uncle "Nee Nee"

Enjoying a dance with her Godfather.  
Patty and Opa enjoying a dance.
Daniel and his Omi dancing.  
I can't believe how quickly our younger siblings are growing up.  I remember when Daniel was born-I was a freshman in high school.  Wow!  And now he's married.

Congratulations, Daniel and Tiffany!

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