Saturday, April 7, 2012

Natalie At 2

Actually, maybe the title should say "2 1/2".  She's almost two and a half, and wow!

Where to start?!  Natalie has such a personality right now.  She's opinionated.  She strikes up conversations, and her sentences make perfect sense.  She points out when something is pink and says, "That blanket is pink.  Pink is my favorite color."  Or, she'll look in the sky and say, "Mommy, look at that big bird."  When, in fact, it's a jet plane.  On the way home from the sitter the other day, she says, "Did you buy some Cheez-Its?"  My response was, "Yes."  Natalie says,"That's cool."

I wish I could think of ALL the wonderful things she says.  She is repeating lines from "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" during bedtime prayers.  She still loves her pacifier and her "fuzzy" blankie at bedtime.  That's us in the chair every night-blankie, pacifier, and prayers.  But, it doesn't last long.  So, I space the timing between my words for prayers super slow so I can enjoy the snuggle time in the chair.  She's not, nor has she ever been, a snuggle baby.  She likes to lay in her bed, alone, untouched to sleep.

She eats anything we give her.  ANYTHING!  Her current favorite food is sour cream.  Yeah, weird, I know.  But she dips about anything she can in the stuff.  She wakes in the morning asking for coffee cake or bagels.  When we have neither, a meltdown ensues.

Natalie could play with her babies and ride her scooter for hours.  I came in on her today in her room, and all was silent.  She had her blankie spread on her floor, her Princess Sleeping Beauty baby on the blankie.  Natalie had the wipes out, and was gently wiping baby Sleeping Beauty's bottom, legs, hands, and toes.  Then, she says, "I'm changing her diaper, mommy.  Can  you help me change her diaper?"  How can I say no!  Speaking of princesses, everything is becoming princesses now.  She can name them all, and I hope she's just as excited to see them in person!

Today, I noticed how confident she is.  She just trotted right across the sidewalk to the playground, no fear.  She has a little wiggle in her walk, and everyone takes notice of her.  I hope she's always that confident.  Her opinions are her own, that's for sure.  Natalie likes to pick out what she wears, but not without some supervision.  She's super excited when she can wear a dress, particularly her purple Easter dress.

She's amazing.  We love her so much!

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