Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinner at Chef Mickey's-Awesome!

So after our resort relocation, we explored the Grand Floridian and got settled in our rooms before heading out to dinner.  We had reservations for Chef Mickey's for dinner.  We always say we want to do a character meal when we are at Disney.  Finally, after three times of saying it, we actually did it!  I didn't make our reservation until about 60 days out, so I was super excited to get a dinner time.  Typically, Disney suggests you make reservations for character meals, or any other table service restaurant, 180 days in advance.  So, I was beyond excited to get a dinner time, at a decent time (7:40) for Chef Mickey's.

Chef Mickey's is in the Contemporary Resort, just outside of the Magic Kingdom.  So after dressing in our Disney themed t-shirts {Derrick and I had made a trip to the Disney store before we left for shirts for all} we hopped on the monorail and took it over to the Contemporary.  Upon arriving and checking in at the reservation desk, we were led to a statue of Mickey in a chef costume.  A photographer took our photo, and then we were seated at our table.  This was a dinner buffet, so there were plenty of options for everyone.  There was also a dessert buffet, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream sundaes!

Part way through dinner, they start playing a fun song and the characters come out and dance.  Also, everyone gets into the spirit by waving their white cloth napkins in the air.  It was pretty cute.  Then, the characters start to make their way to each table to pose for pictures and sign autograph books.  At Chef Mickey's, it's the Fab Five-Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy.  Such fun!

Anyway, Donald Duck was the first one to our table.  The boys and Natalie quickly made sure he signed their books, and posed for the mandatory pictures that I was taking.  Natalie was absolutely thrilled about Donald, as Derrick had just gotten her a stuffed Daisy, so she was a bit on the "ducks" kick. 

Next came Goofy.  Natalie wasn't sure about him.  He's pretty tall, and of course his nose sticks out.  She kinda kept her distance, but the boys were very excited.  Goofy even got Darragh and Grandma Patty out of their seats for a picture.  

Along came Minnie.  Then, Natalie was pumped.  I had dressed her in a red with white polka dots dress from Gymboree.  It look just like a Minnie dress, and I had gotten it just so she could wear it to dinner at Chef Mickey's.  Well, Minnie made all over Natalie for being dressed just like her.  It was so cute that Minnie noticed right away that she and Natalie had on a similar dress.  We had some awesome interaction with Minnie.  I love Natalie's face while Minnie was at our table.

Mickey, Natalie's second favorite character, made his rounds next.  The boys were pretty excited about him, too.  Even Darragh got a picture with the Mouse.  I have to say, I love Mickey. I always have!  

Finally, Pluto came to our table.  He was so cute.  I love how he holds the autograph book on the end of his nose to sign.  So fun!  

All in all, it was a wonderful dinner, and super fun experience for the kids.  We for sure made a good choice by starting our trip with a character meal with the classic Disney characters.  It made some awesome memories!  

Finally, we ended our evening back at the Grand Floridian.  At the boat dock, just outside our resort building, we could watch Wishes.  It was so wonderful, because they pipe the soundtrack and Jiminy Cricket's narration through the speakers at the Grand Floridian.  That's part of the awesomeness of the fireworks.  
Natalie enjoying Wishes with grandma.  I hope they both remember that forever.

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