Friday, August 17, 2012

EPCOT-Our First Park

The first park we toured was EPCOT.  We could take the monorail from the Grand Floridian to EPCOT.  This was a really neat experience.  We've ridden the monorail route almost every trip.  But, it was fun to take it from the resort to a park.  What's kind of fun about the monorail route to EPCOT is that it actually goes through part of the EPCOT park before dropping you off.  

The day started.....and ended....rainy.  But oh well.  We ponchoed up and carried on!  Our first stop was Spaceship Earth (aka the "big golf ball").  There was practically no wait for this, and that was the case for most of our trip.  After Spaceship Earth, we made our way to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.  I have to be honest-I love that ride!  You feel like you are under the sea, with Nemo and his friends rushing along to tell you the Nemo story.  Riding in the clam shell is so fun.  When we exited, we looked at the manatees and other sea animals in the Living Seas building.  

The boys holding up the ball.  Love looking at pictures of this same pose from every trip.
Next, we hopped on Living with the Land.  Not gonna this one too.  This is a boat ride where they show you how they grow different plants and crops in unique ways.  Disney actually grows the majority of their vegetables and fruits that they serve in the parks.  The boys love Living with the Land-it's chock full of information, that's for sure!

We also hit Club Cool.  This is sponsored by Coca Cola.  It's kinda fun, because you can sample Coke from all over the world.  And let me tell you, it doesn't all taste the same!  It was funny to watch the boys take a sample, then after making a face that they didn't like it, put on a straight face and try to get one of us to drink it.  Natalie and I were particularly enjoying the Mezzo Mix from Mexico.  It was orangey, fruity Coke.  The Italian version-Beverly-is nasty.  Just to forewarn you.  But, I think everyone should try it :).

It was raining soooo very hard for part of our day at EPCOT, and rained off and on all day.  Finally, after making it through World Showcase, we gave in and bought ponchos.  Good thing, because we wore them for the next three days.  It got to the point where I would cringe if I felt even a small drop of water because we were so tired of being wet.   
Matthew and Grandpa
Lucas not very excited!  Matthew is all smiles.

While Grandma, Grandpa, and Darragh stayed with Natalie, we rode Soarin'.  Love this ride!  And I recently learned it was modeled after an erector set.  Cool!  Anyway, it's a simulator of a hang glider. It was brought here from Disneyland, so when you are "soaring", you are hang gliding over the Pacific Ocean, orange groves, mountains, gold courses, and it ends with the fireworks show from Disneyland....right in front of your face.  Lucas isn't a huge fan of this ride, but he went on with good spirits.  Actually, there was bribery involved, too.  I told him he could get a Soarin' pin for his lanyard if he went on it without too much fuss.  

World Showcase is getting more fun as the boys get older.  They, especially Matthew, are getting more interested in world history and other countries.  So, they weren't too bored this time.  Since it was raining, we did more walking in the shops than we usually do.  As we walked through the United Kingdom shops, we saw a line of people waiting for a character.  Well, come to find out that Mary Poppins was going to make an appearance in a few short minutes.  So, I put Derrick in line to wait for Mary, and the rest of us stepped a few feet over to meet Alice in Wonderland and Pooh and Tigger.  It was so fun!  Alice noticed that the boys were twins, and referred to them as the Tweedles, which we do at home sometimes.  She chit chatted with Natalie a lot of the time, and was so sweet to her.  
Finally, after I was waiting on the edge of my seat, Mary Poppins came out.  I was soooo pumped!  Mary Poppins is my FAVORITE Disney movie that has live actors.  Sweet!  Admittedly, I really wanted to meet Mary, so that's why I made Derrick stand in line for me :).  Mary was so perfect!  She almost had my father in law singing Chim Chim Cheeree while we were getting pictures taken with her.  The boys could've cared less, but I was so in my element.  One thing I loved about it was how she chit chatted with it when Disney involves the adults, too.

We stopped in Norway for a cinnamon roll treat for the boys, and ventured our way around the Lagoon.  Mexico is my favorite pavilion-mainly because of the decor and the pretty fountain.  You feel like you are in a Mexican street market.  Someday, I want to eat at the restaurant in there.  After some dinner, we got a sweet spot to watch Illuminations.  The kids and I hung out and saved our spot while Derrick and his parents grabbed some dinner.  The boys had Mickey Ice Cream bars, and Natalie and I broke out the glow bracelets.  

Overall, even though it started out rainy, it was a super awesome day.  Now that I'm writing about it, we sure did do a lot at EPCOT!

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