Friday, August 10, 2012

Lindsey and Ben Get Married

Ben and Lindsey Patrick

Matthew and Lucas-the sign bearers.  They carried a sign that said "Here Comes the Bride"
For Lindsey and Ben's rehearsal dinner, Ben's mom had food catered in from Young's Dairy. We had lasgana, salad, and bread at Lindsey and Ben's after the rehearsal.  The rehearsal was short and sweet because it was rainy and cold outside-so unexpected for June!  But, we made the best of it and headed back to their place for dinner.  Lindsey was so sweet to get all of us bridesmaids Vera Bradley bags and a monogram bracelet.  Even Natalie got her first Vera Bradlely bag :).
Me, Lindsey, and Kristin at the rehearsal dinner.

What started off as a rainy, windy Saturday morning in June turned out to be a super fun wedding and reception!  My parents sure know how to throw a party, that's for sure.
We took a picture similar to this at Kristin and Joey's wedding, but Lindsey was pouting because she didn't have a wedding ring.  Now she's smiling!
Our day started with the kids and I heading to Lindsey's to get my hair done.  While us girls took turns with the stylist, the boys played video games and Natalie just kinda sat around and watched, wondering what exactly was going on!  Afterwards, we headed to the Simon Kenton Inn in Springfield.  It's an old home, that's been turned into a bed and breakfast.  We all got ready up in what would end up being Lindsey and Ben's room for the night.  

Natalie, so sweet, was so worn out that after I got her dressed in her flower girl dress, she passed out on the bed and took a pretty good nap.  All while there were four girls flittering around getting ready and beautiful for the day.  Meanwhile, the boys, who were uber handsome, hung out with my dad and the other guys.  From what I understand, they spent much of their time playing video games in the corner of the reception tent.  Hey, whatever works, right?
Mom helping Lindsey with her necklace.
After the typical pre wedding photos, we hung out up in the room and watched the guests arrive.  It was kinda fun to see who all had made the trip, what they were wearing, etc.  Finally, the time came for us to start making our way to the aisle.  It was all set up outside, in a grassy area.  It was windy, and even started to rain a bit, but that didn't stop anything.  Natalie just pranced right down the aisle, her eyes on Derrick the whole time.  
After she and the boys made it down, they had a seat with my parents in the front row.  Derrick did a great job marrying Lindsey and Ben.  They had a sweet sand ceremony, instead of a unity candle ceremony. They each put some sand in a glass vase, then had Wesley and Riley add some, and then Lindsey and Ben added some more, signifying the families coming together.
Me and my handsome boys-Lucas and Matthew
The reception was in a huge party tent.  Dinner was so awesome-even Kristin and I went up more than once to get food!  Lindsey and Ben looked so happy, but we were all so tired and ready for rest at the end.  Matthew and I headed back to the hotel, while Derrick, Natalie, and Lucas headed home for bed. Matthew and I stayed so we could make an appearance at brunch/gift opening the next morning, and Lucas went with Derrick to help him pack for Disney.  
Matthew, Derrick, and Lucas
Lindsey and Dad dancing.
It was a beautiful, wonderful, memorable day!  We're so glad to have Ben, Wesley, and Riley as part of our family now!

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