Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lindsey's Wedding Shower

Lindsey and the flower girl
For Lindsey's wedding shower, Kristin and I decided to host it at Matt the Miller's Tavern in Dublin.  They gave us the party room toward the back of the restaurant and it was so very nice!  

Lindsey gave us a list of some of our family and a few of her friends.  Most everyone we invited was able to make it.  I think Lindsey really enjoyed being in the spotlight and getting some nice wedding goodies.  

We had assorted flatbreads, a fruit and cheese plate, a veggie plate, and their bottomless chips and yummy dipping sauce.  We also gave a copy of their invitation to the Ribbon Box, and they came up with a beautiful cake!

Kristin, Natalie, Mom, Lindsey, Riley, and Me

Natalie finishing off the cheese and fruit tray. She was loving the smoked gouda!

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