Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 was well.....cold, snowy, was more like a nasty winter day in October.  The costumes had been bought, tried on, and the boys especially were dying to wear them.  So, I tried my best to seek out an indoor Halloween experience and I was successful.  Thank God.  I wanted the kids to have the opportunity to Trick or Treat, and get the wear out of their costumes.  On Monday night of Halloween week, we found a church, via my friend on FB, who had moved their Trunk or Treat indoors.  

Trunk or Treat is basically when cars circle up, decorate their trunks, and hand out candy in a safe, family friendly environment usually in a church parking lot.  Northwest Bible Church had moved theirs indoors, SCORE!  Yes, on a school night I bundled up the kids in costume, and drove 30 minutes to do trick or treat.  I know, mom of the year right here.  I figured my bases were covered-they got to wear their costumes, get candy, popcorn, glow sticks, and get tired out-just in case Wednesday didn't present itself as an optimal trick or treat night.  
Well, as it turns out, Wednesday did turn out to be okay.  I had invited my in laws over to trick or treat with us, hand out candy, and hang out.  Love know I REALLY adore these people.  Normally my parents come over as well, but they were at my sister's house, snuggling with their new grandson Brody.  They really had the good end of the deal!
Darin stationed himself on the porch with ear muffs on and candy basket by his side.  Patty and the boys were off, and so Natalie and I started out, and Keith was hanging out with Christopher and Elly.  There was no way Natalie and I were going to catch up with the boys and Patty, so we just did our own thing for a few houses, until we had to go home to clean up owl poo...yea, the potty training thing isn't always working out.  Anyway, after she got cleaned up and ready to go again, it was dark.  So, we hit about eight more houses, which took a good 45 minutes because three year olds don't walk very fast....and then she was asking to go home.  Gladly. It was cold, windy, and I was more than ready to go inside.  

Meanwhile, Darragh {aka Wonder Woman} and Brandt {aka ELF....yea, looked JUST like Wil Ferrell}, had met up with the boys and had disappeared into the trick or treating abyss of Mill Valley.  They returned, a long time later, with way more candy than we gave out, red cheeked, and no coats on.  Nice.  All in all, it ended up being a great Halloween!

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