Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magic Mountain {A Mommy/Son Date Day}

Disclaimer:  I had a Groupon.  Just FYI.

Anyway, many moons ago I had purchased a Groupon for Magic Mountain.  My intent was to take the boys for a fun day out, sans the little sister.  Well, school started, things got busy with my sister having Brody, and before I knew it, I was getting emails telling me that my Groupons were about to expire.  So, I scheduled my sweet, super awesome parents to watch Natalie while the boys and I headed out for a mommy/son date day.
Matthew and Lucas on the NASCAR arcade game.
Ready for their race.

Lucas looks very serious about his motorcycle course.  
Matthew riding the motorcycle.
My parents came to get Natalie and went to Kristin and Joey's to baby sit for Brody for a little bit. Then, it was off to the poultry show at the fairgrounds. So while we were having a great time at Magic Mountain, Natalie was hanging with grandma and papa looking at chickens.  She loved it.  
Matthew belting up for his fast ride.
We started our day with a quick trip to Kohls' to grab the boys some long sleeve shirts to hold them over until Christmas.  Then, a run to Target for a few essentials, like LEGOS.  They each had about $35 to spend from picking up pinecones in my parents' yard over the summer. Five cents a pinecone....and they obviously picked up a ton!  So, after MUCH deliberation, they each decided on a new LEGO set, and off to lunch at Olive Garden-per their request.  
Lucas enjoying his ride around the go kart track
Then, it was off to Magic Mountain.  If you don't know what Magic Mountain is, it's an indoor arcade with laser tag, a kids gym/playset area, and then outside they have mini golf and go carts.  Good times.  The boys were so super excited.  I got them attraction wrist bands, 30 tokens each for games, and they were off.  Totally in their happy place.  
Maybe if Lucas pushed his glasses up, he could see better.  Just sayin'.
We played arcade games for awhile, and then headed outdoors for the go karts.  While they were waiting in line, they were able to scope out the "fastest" car.  That would be the one Matthew scrambled to get, of course.  But Lucas was happy with his, and they were off.  I had to explain to them that they were NOT like the ones at Disney-no track guide, they were actually driving these cars and needed to keep from running into something.  They had a blast.  We went back inside to do the laser tag.  Another first experience for them.  But, it must have been great because they requested a laser tag birthday party.
Finally, we finished up their arcade tokens, gathered our tickets and headed to the counter of kid utopia-aka, the cheap toys and candy that only are worth some paper tickets.  We cashed them in, and got some golf balls.  Let me say, if this round of mini golf is anything to go by, our family beach vacation next summer is going to be darn interesting.  Mini golf is not for the impatient, fast paced, over stimulated by video games and LEGOS nine year olds.  If Lucas wasn't hitting the ball too hard and pouting when it bounced off the green, he was guiding it to the hold with his club.  Matthew started off a bit gently, but when he saw small molehills, you'd think the mini golf course had transformed into a driving range.  
All in all, we had a super great day together. I love my boys!

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