Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of the School Year-2012/2013

Matthew, Mrs. Smith, and Lucas on the last day of school.
School is over.  In some ways I'm happy about that. I love being home with the kids in the summer, and we always look forward to our summer vacations.  But, this year I'm a little sad, too.  It's the boys' last year at Northwood Elementary, and next year they'll be at the intermediate school.  Thankfully, Creekview is right around the corner from our house, but still.  New school, new teachers, new routine, new expectations....things that make me anxious.  We had a parent orientation a few weeks ago, which made me feel somewhat better.  

Matthew's last day of Fourth Grade.
Lucas's last day of Fourth Grade.  

For their last day of school, I hurried out of work to make it for the Fourth Grade Clap Out.  This is where the whole student body, teachers, and parents line the halls.  The fourth graders, in their homemade graduation caps, parade through the halls, as they are "clapped out" by everyone.  It's really fun to watch and be a part of.  There are tears {although I will say I didn't cry like I thought I would}, and lots of celebrating.  

Then, it was time for another "graduation".  Darragh, the last Hurst child, graduated from Fairbanks High School.  So proud of her!  She graduated with honors, and is planning on going to Defiance College to be a math teacher.  She's also playing soccer, and she is very talented at it.  We all showed up for her graduation ceremony, and then celebrated this past Sunday.  It was awesome, and I hope she enjoyed it.  It'll be strange with her gone away at college, but she'll love it.  

The entire Hurst Family.  

We are gearing up for our Disney vacation, with a stop along the way home at Surfside Beach, spending a few days with my parents, sisters, and their families.  The boys are finishing up their 4H projects, and preparing for Demo Day, in which they present their 4H demonstration to a panel of judges.  They are really enjoying 4H, and they are taking First Aid.  

I'm hoping for an awesome summer!

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