Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden Planting, Prom, and Treasure Island

So, since I haven't updated our family blog since March, I thought I'd give a little rundown on the last few weeks leading up to the school year.

We started a garden alongside our house.  Natalie has been instrumental in helping with it!  Every night, she goes out with Derrick and waters the plants and checks the garden.  We have zucchini, tomatoes, hot peppers, snap peas, and cucumbers growing in the garden.  We also added a few fresh herbs, like cilantro and basil.  She even helped Derrick haul the dirt around the house to add to the garden.  She's a good little helper!

Then, it was prom.  Darragh, Derrick's youngest sister and the baby of the family, had her senior prom in May.  Of course, we all showed up to take pictures and to see her and Brandt off to prom.  Natalie had to dress in her "prom" finest as well.  She insisted on wearing her sequined, ruffled dress and her new "magic amulet" beaded necklace.   Natalie has become quite attached to Darragh as of late, which is really cool to see.  I remember when Darragh used to pal around with me when we were first married-she was about Natalie's age then.

Finally, the boys finished the school year with their spring musical.  They performed an edited version of Treasure Island.  They chose to not try out for a part, but instead wanted to be part of the choir.  When the sheets came home for auditions, I had sort of wanted them to do it.  But, I'm glad in the end that they chose to be in the choir.  I'm very proud of them, and watching them perform is so fun!

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