Monday, February 15, 2010

Lucas, My Seven-Year-Old

Lucas is turning seven in about three hours. He was born at 8:05, about five minutes after Matthew. He looked like a healthy newborn in comparison to Matthew when he was born. He's always been so mellow. When he was around 6 months, he started sucking the two middle fingers on his left hand, and became very attached to his "jacket". He still sucks his fingers and has his jacket seven years later! He follows Matthew around, and does what Matthew says. He's taking on a new role as "middle" child, and I'm not sure he knows what to think about that. When I ask him what he wants for a snack, he'll say, "What is Matthew having?", or "Whatever Matthew has". He more of a risk taker than Matthew, and doesn't get so intense about "little" things. He comes out from getting dressed with his shirt on backwards about 5 days out of the week, and can be pretty forgetful. However, he is very loving towards me, and LOVES daddy. He's always been especially attached to Derrick.

Favorite color: Green and red
Favorite movie: Star Wars the Clone Wars
When he grows up: Ambulance Driver
Favorite food: chicken nuggets
Favorite toy: All of his toys :)

Happy Birthday, Lucas! I love you!

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