Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chili and S'mores

Our church has been working hard to do more things together to build fellowship amongst the members and new members. Last weekend, on Natalie's real birthday, we went to the Daley's for a chili dinner and S'mores. They live outside of Marysville on a huge acreage of land. They had a nice bonfire and lots of room for the kids to run around. The weather was just right-sweatshirts and jeans...no bundling up in winter coats. One highlight of the evening was the S'mores. My kids LOVE these things...and it's just another way they differ. Lucas loves them full out with chocolate and marshmallows. Matthew likes them with chocolate only between the graham crackers. For some reason he calls them "dwarfs" I don't get it, but it's his imagination at work again I suppose. The night wasn't complete without some bobbing for apples, and yes, both my boys stuck their heads in the pool and pulled apples out with their teeth. Also, Justin had glow sticks for the kids-a huge hit with Natalie!

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