Friday, November 5, 2010

Lucas's Thoughts

The other night, I was getting the boys ready for bed. Natalie was down, and Matthew was putting on pjs while Lucas was in the bathroom going potty and brushing teeth. He decides to strike up a conversation about frogs and their ears.

Lucas: Mommy, where are a frogs ears?

Me: (from the other room w an exasperated voice),"I don't know Lucas, why?"

Lucas: Why don't you know? You're a teacher.

Me: Yes, but not a science teacher. Maybe we can look it up online tomorow.

Lucas: Fine, I"ll just ask Mrs. Kinney. She'll know. She teaches us Science. does brushing teeth and going to the bathroom make him think about where a frog's ears 8:30 at night? I just wonder how their minds work sometimes....

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