Friday, November 5, 2010

Shimmy and Shake

Matthew and Lucas ready for the rockin' musical, "Showbiz".
Last night, the boys were shakin' what God gave 'em. They had their second grade musical, "A Little Bit of Showbiz". Super cute! Once again, Mrs. Galemmo delivered. They went through a "history" of music and showbiz, ranging from Broadway, to Detroit-the home of Motown, to Hollywood and singing about "Paparazzi" and posing for pictures.

Matthew in his rockstar pose. I think my favorite song was "I Got to Be Rich", and during the main music parts, they kids were to be freestyle dancing. Lucas and Matthew were up there doing robot moves during almost the whole song. All the kids looked great in their "bling",
and the boys fit right in with their rockin' guitar shirts, rock star hair (thanks to Daddy and a lot of hair fiber), and their sunglasses (a last minute add on as we were walking out the door).

I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Lucas in his rockstar pose.

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