Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Learning to Draw Larry Boy

My Meticulous Matthew.

The Fib from Outer Space, by Matthew

Saturday, late afternoon, our DVD player was acting up. The boys really wanted to watch movies, so I suggested they get out their personal DVD players, choose separate couches and snuggle up and watch the movies. They did, and it was silence for about an hour in our house. So nice. Then, Matthew found a choice on the menu of Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space that shows an animator giving step by step directions for drawing the Larrymobile and the Fib. Matthew LOVES to draw. He is always getting paper and cutting out pictures, coloring them, and then putting them in his treasure box. He took his DVD player to the kitchen table, along with a pencil and some paper, and very methodically began to draw. He followed right along with the animator on the movie. Matthew's picture turned out awesome!
The LarryMobile by Matthew.

Matthew is a very step by step person, always wanting to know what comes next. He "begins with the end in mind", a concept they've been taught at school this year. I wish he would be as meticulous about his homework. I'm so proud of him for sitting there-it took about 15-20 mins-and not giving up to make a drawing that looks like he traced it out of a book.

Lucas also got into the drawing. But his technique was a bit different. He watched the whole clip of how to draw, before he even got some paper. After it was over, he got his paper and pencil, and joined Matthew in the drawing fun. Lucas's Fib from Outer Space.
Lucas has great pencil wielding skills-his homework is neat, and he has more patience to sit and draw or write than Matthew. His Larry and Fib turned out awesome. They also look like he traced them out of a book.Larry Mobile by Lucas

Maybe I need to find them an art class?

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