Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Natalie At Fifteen Months

Natalie has turned into a toddler-literally! She's fifteen months, and full of fun, energy, and mischief. Here's what she's been doing:

*Sitting down and reading her books. She also brings a book to us and backs herself up into our laps to be read to. So cute!
*Showing she's excited to see us when we get home from work or when we pick her up from the sitter's.
*Saying "by-by" and blowing kisses. She also adds a "mwah" when she blows kisses.
*Giving a squeeze-aka, putting her arms around our neck and squeezing us.
*Her pointer finger is getting a workout. She will point to something that catches her eye and say "oooh".
*Using words like "nana" for banana, "bah" for bottle, mommy, and daddy are very pronounced, too.
*Following directions. When we ask her to go get her shoe, or find a baby, or get her pacifier, she will go and get it, and bring it back to us.
*She's so funny-when Matthew and Lucas are laughing about something, she giggles and laughs with them. Like she gets the joke :)
*Eating so well. She likes almost anything we give her. I'm so thankful for that. Her FAVORITE food right now is bananas. She eats at least one a day.
*Drinking out of a straw.
*She will unload a cabinet, toybox, or open drawer in a matter of seconds. I put this skill to good work by having her unload the dryer for me while I fold clothes in the laundry room. Such a mommy's helper.
*She loves music, and will dance to anything-especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (our vacation is going to be SO fun this year if her love of Mickey keeps up), and music in church.

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