Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nerf Wars

NERF guns for everyone in the Hurst house.

Since we gained two Nerf guns at Christmas-the BIG ones with clips that hold about 12 NERF darts-there have been some wars happening in our house. Now we have accumulated 6 or so NERF guns, so everyone gets one. Even Natalie. She has to be in on the action, you know. It gets loud, and the boys (Derrick included) are running all over the place. Matthew in his full battle gear. The Halloween masks I bought on clearance last year sure come in handy for defense against NERF darts.

They hide in the basement from Derrick, and he waits at the door for them to come up, then shoots at them as they're coming up the steps. He's just as into it as they are. And Natalie laughs at all of them, while I sit and take pictures of the fun.

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